You can now view most of the schedule with the following PDF and/or download it.

“0614” is the current version. It should now have most costs and clinics shown. A few clinics were moved around. The PDF is more current than the list below.

Full searchable schedule will be online soon. (view below)

To see descriptions of the Layout Tours, go to that page to see the PDFs.


Coming soon: Full searchable schedule with filters for venue and type of activity. For now you will see a partial schedule as the items are being uploaded day by day, activity by activity. Thank you for your patience.

NOTE: If you signup to use the online schedule and “add items to My Sched” that is just for your information. It does not guarantee you a spot. If it is a paid item clinic fees, tour bus, etc., you MUST use the RegFox/Webxonnex ( system that you registered with for the convention in order to pay your fees and reserve your spot. Not everything is available yet. It is provided here for your information. You will get an email or you can login to see what is available. See this post for more information:

View the NMRA 2019 SLC schedule & directory.