Ops Sessions

People come to the Salt Lake City area from all around to realistically operate on model railroads in the area.

If you haven’t seen Toy Man Television, he’s done a few episodes about operations in the Salt Lake City area. Below are some that you might also see on the layout tours page. (Use the controls on the video to watch in Youtube or full screen on this page.)

***To sign up for Operating Sessions, go to the Registration Page (or login to edit your registration.) Scroll to near the bottom to see if there are any spots still available.

Bob and Karin Gerald’s N scale layout

Rob Spangler’s HO scale WP

Lee Nicholas’ HO UCW

Gary Petersen and Jim Hoeppner

Some potential layout operating sessions at:
Jim Hoeppner
Ted York
Quintin Foster
Willard Johnson
Lee Nicolas
Rob Spangler
Gary Petersen

Information subject to change.