Why Attend a National Convention?*

The National Model Railroad Association sponsors a national convention to provide a place for the members to meet from all over the world. There are many activities for the member to learn and participate in all aspects of the hobby. Over a week, the convention attendee may tour and attend:

  • Clinics which instruct the member in the techniques of the hobby.
  • Symposiums on the prototype railroads.
  • Tour model railroads in the surrounding area.
  • Tour railroad facilities.
  • Tour hobby manufacturing facilities.
  • Tour railroad related industrial facilities.
  • Tour the sites and special attractions of the area of interest for family.
  • Attend an auction of model railroad equipment.
  • Participate and /or view the superb hobby models in the model contests.
  • Attend meetings on the future of the hobby.
  • Meet with hobby manufacturers and industry publication representatives.
  • Attend the largest train show in the country.
  • Attend meetings specialized for your particular interest.
  • Attend social functions and learning clinics on non railroad related subjects.
  • Meet and make friends with people who share the same interest.
  • Meet with representatives of the association and the Kalmbach Memorial Library.

There are so many activities at a national convention it is difficult to do it all during the course of a convention week. As an example, there will be over 100 different clinics and symposiums, and over 50 model railroad visits scheduled during the week long convention.

Video Overviews

With video courtesy of Model Railroad Academy, the NMRA has developed a great set of informative videos presenting an overview of all the main activities that await you during convention week!

Attending a National Convention is like drinking water from a fire hose! You will come home exhausted, but exhilarated, ready to hit the train room with tons of new ideas!

*Source from the NMRA website.