To register for the convention, go to the Registration Page. The convention cars and some shirts are available as part of that registration. Other items are listed below which are produced and shipped by a third-party. We will not have the inventory. Order now and they will ship to you and you can enjoy your 2019 convention products now! We may have a small number of items at the convention for sale but here is the best place to get it.
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Samples of some of the items are below:


The 2019 Convention Car was planned to be a UTOCO Tank Car. Due to factory issues the manufacturer cannot honor their contract. Read more about it here.

The NEW option is a 150th Anniversary Box Car. We are keeping the price at $35 per car. For now, you can only order them on the Registration Page. Available in HO, N and Z scales!

NMRA 2019 SLC Merchandise