Registration No. 119

Congratulations to Larry Sebelley as our 119th registrant for the NMRA 2019 National Convention in Salt Lake City! Do you know why we choose Larry to receive a prize and be featured on our website as the 119th registrant? If you guessed it was because the No. 119 Locomotive was one of the two locomotives that were part of the Driving of the Golden Spike ceremony on May 10th 1869 you would be correct! There will be multiple tours going to the very spot of that ceremony during our convention where they will have reenactments. Who knows, you may even be chosen to dress the part and be part of the reenactment.


To learn more about it go to this website.

We will also be giving out something special to the 150th and 200th registrant.

If you are going to be at the Kansas City convention stop by our booth – we’ve got something special for those who register there!