OpSig Operating Sessions


March 2019 Update

There are now 13 layouts available for the 2019 NMRA Convention Ops Sig operating sessions. Signups for the sessions will soon be opened to Ops Sig members attending the convention. Non Ops Sig attendees will be able to sign up starting around 3/31/2019. The layout descriptions have been updated and now show all 13 layouts that will be operating during the convention.
We will update this page when signups are open to all attendees, Ops Sig members or not. As mentioned above, that should occur about 3/31/2019.

(January 2019 update)

There are now 12 layouts available for the 2019 NMRA Convention Ops Sig operating sessions.

The schedules for the layouts are still tentative, but here are the layouts and days they are
currently scheduled to operate:


Sunday 7 July – Willard Johnson, Bob Gerald, Quintin Foster
Monday 8 July – Lee Nicholas, Rob Spangler, Ted York, Pat Bray, James Gronwald, Chris
Tuesday 9 July – Lee Nicholas, Gary Peterson, Willard Johnson, Quintin Foster, Bob Gerald,
Chris Brimley
Wednesday 10 July – Rob Spangler, Pay Bray, Guil Rand
Thursday 11 July – Lee Nicholas, Gary Peterson, Ted York, Bob Gerald, James Gronwald
Friday 12 July – Willard Johnson, Pat Bray, Guil Rand
Saturday 13 July – Rob Spangler, Willard Johnson, Quintin Foster, James Gronwald

Signups are still planned for some time in February, probably toward the end of the month. The
signups are currently planned to be through the SLC NMRA Convention web site. You will be
asked to sign up for no more than three layouts, and you will be asked not to sign up for the same
layout twice. Sundays sessions may be in the afternoon, but not certain yet. All other sessions
will be starting in the early evening, 5PM to about 6PM. There will probably be no “cattle call”
on Sunday, July 7, nor on Saturday, July 13.
Layout descriptions are on the SLC NMRA Convention website and the Ops Sig website.. The
Ops Sig Facebook page has more pictures of the layouts.
We still plan to have an e-mail blast going out to all Ops Sig members (who have given Ops Sig
their e-mail address). That will go out on or just before the signups are opened.

(Posted December 2018)

At this time there are 11 committed layouts with a possibility of 2 or 3 more being added Each layout will host anywhere between 1 and 3 sessions. Based on this we believe we will have about 200 to 250 operating slots available, possibly more if we can add more layouts or convince some of the layout owners to host additional sessions. Layout requests will probably be opened sometime in February, but check this site periodically in case we decide to open the signups earlier. At this time we plan to have an “e-mail blast” to all OpSig members notifying them when the signup period is opened. It will also be posted to the OpSig facebook page, the OpSig website and the Convention Website. The cutoff for layout requests will be in mid to late May but based on past history we expect the slots to be filled very quickly. Layout requests will be made via e-mail sent to the OpSig Convention Coordinator, Quintin Foster.

The layout request period will be opened to OpSig members first. One or two weeks later it will be opened to all convention registrants. PLEASE NOTE, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE CONVENTION IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE OP SESSIONS. Due to the number of slots available, you will probably be limited to attending a total of three operating sessions. We will ask you for your top 3 choices for each day you want to operate, and will make every effort to give you your top choice, but cannot guarantee it. Driving time to the layouts from the convention hotel ranges from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. NOTE; THERE WILL BE A “CATTLE CALL” EACH DAY. FAILURE TO ATTEND THE CATTLE CALL COULD RESULT IN YOUR LOSING YOUR OPERATING SLOT. All sessions will start between 5:30 to 7:00 PM, depending upon distance from Salt Lake City. Sessions will run from 3 to 4.5 hours, depending upon the layout. In addition to the convention week sessions we will probably be offering operating sessions on the Sunday afternoon before the convention and the Sunday afternoon after the convention.

As always the OpSig booth will be in the SIG Room and staffed to answer any questions you may have, renew your membership if required and have clothing, books and other merchandise for sale. In addition we will be holding our Annual General Membership meeting on Monday (time and place TBD) and the BOD meeting will be held Thursday morning (time and place TBD).

Hope to see you this summer!
Quintin Foster
OpSig Coordinator, SLC NMRA 2019 National Convention

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