Driving of the Golden Spike Reenactment

The Golden Spike National Historic Site will do a special reenactment of the driving of the Golden Spike for the convention attendees. The reenactment is
usually held just on Saturdays and Holidays but we will have a special showing. We anticipate we will have a charter bus will depart from the convention hotel. If you choose to drive separately, the trip is about 1hr 30 minutes (one way) from the hotel (about 75 miles.)

This will be an Extra Fare (amount TBD) which includes bus ride to and from the convention hotel, lunch and admission to the Historic Site, a possible layout stop at Lee Nicholas’ and a drive by of the ATK shuttle booster site. We do have a minimum number of seats needed to conduct this portion of the trip.

Within walking distance of the site are some of the actual UP/CP right of way where they track gang filled gullies and made cuts into hills. I’ve driven near some of this original 1869 right-of-way and it is impressive to see first hand and to “jump back” to 1869. The bus will not be able to navigate the right of way off-road sites.

Bring your smartphones and cameras, take some photos, videos and “selfies” as the 119 and Jupiter and volunteers reenact the driving of the Golden Spike and enjoy this aspect of the trip and the convention.