150 Year Anniversary of the Driving of the Golden Spike!

May 10th marked the 150th Anniversary of the Diving of the Golden Spike uniting the East and West coast of the United States! What took months now took days! What did you do to celebrate? I saw lots of posts on Facebook of people recreating the original celebration on their own layout. There were also thousands of people who were at the actual site at Promontory, including Utah’s Governor, participating in a reenactment. I had my portable layout on display where lots of kids (and their parents) got to see (and run) the trains.

While showing off the trains, I also built my 2019 Convention Car! If you have paid for it, it will be ready for you when you get here. The HO scale is a kit while the N & Z are ready-to-run. That’s right, Z scale! As far as I know, having a Z scale Convention Car at an NMRA National Convention is a first! If you haven’t ordered your car yet you’d better. They are selling fast. We have the HO ones in hand and will be getting the N & Z soon. It’s a beautiful car! We might list a few for sale to the general public but for now you can only get it if you are attending the convention. For the larger scales we will have decals of the Convention Logo available to add to your order soon.

Actual NMRA 2019 Convention Car

We are working hard at making the Convention here is Salt Lake City a great one for you! We are looking forward to sharing our heritage, and love of model railroading with the rest of the world! Please be patient while we work out the details. Most of us haven’t been part of a large convention before and all of us are volunteers, many of who also have full-time jobs still. If you have a question, try to find the most logical person on the Contact Us page – our real, personal email addresses are listed.

We look forward to enjoying this wonderful, crazy journey together!

-Jim Wanlass, MMR #585
Northern Utah Division of the NMRA